Mother's Day Brunch + Market

Mother's Day Brunch + Market

from 35.00


● Event Participation Fee: $75 to be paid Via Stripe

● Event registration form and fee due by April 27th

Please Note:

● Vendors are asked to park off site (after set up) to ensure maximum parking spots remain for guests/shoppers.

● Vendors can set up between 10am - 11am the day of the event.

● Vendors must provide their own equipment i.e.: table, chairs, etc.

● Vendor tables must be set up, staffed and ready to operate by 11am. The event will be held from 11am - 4pm and we would like to have the booths remain open this entire time.

● Vendors are responsible for cleaning up their area after the event.

● Passion Fruit Marketing and its owners are unable to accept responsibility for any lost or stolen items, or for any equipment other than their own.

● Fees are non-refundable unless extenuating circumstances as names of participants will be used in promoting the event.

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